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Founded by Shane Ruiz engaging in highly skilled professional photographers, award winning film directors, designers, developers and marketing social media masters; Media Axe will lead the front line in any industry. It was created for one reason, to stop the search for multiple requirements and lead a company or client to one place that has it all in the best hands possible. From a fine selected group of team members who specialize in a 360’ realm of their passion, the ability to cover any task, requirement, need or request is more than possible.





Attending both the substance for client action and the conclusion for the brand, marketing and sales efforts. Resourceful amenities are on the front line of the branded customer experience, outlining the reality of the brand.



Unlimited marketing efforts delivers the authentic agreement of a brand by constructing attentiveness and aspiration. An operational marketing plan becomes the design, identifying target markets and moving prospects from awareness through interest to commitment and sales.



The client experience develops the groundwork for long-term success, driven by a firm business tactic that aligns all communications efforts with overall shared goals.

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Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.

-- Paulo Coelho --

Our Services

Media Axe combines a paramount of leading-edge business consultancy and creativity. We offer cohesive strategic communications assistances that empower clients to support and integrate their branding, marketing and sales efforts in order to achieve their critical business objectives.

Media / Social Management

We offer a full suite of social media marketing services for your business or personal accounts. We can help build your brand online, engage customers and boost sales. Content is the pure soul of a website. Web content is hands down the biggest asset for building relations with your existing and potential customers. Without original and insightful content you’ll never go viral, never be seen, never be noticed. Simply put, consumers control your online brand. If you don’t have consumers that engage in your content and are compelled to share it, you won’t go very far. Our team of researchers, writers, photographers, videographers and editors deliver vision, client expression and insights unmatched by freelancers and the competition. When you care about true quality, originality and effectiveness, look no further than our talented and experienced creative team.

What we offer
  • Press Releases
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Blog Consulting
  • Website Development and Management
  • Applications
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • …and plenty more

Brand / Personal Establishment

Regardless of the type of brand, service, profile, or website you would like to establish, Media Axe will help you achieve your goals. Media Axe can provide custom webpage development, site modifications or social platform management. Web Application development solutions provide clients full control of the configuration and administration of their business systems. With integrated flash development, our services help clients impress customers with alluring flash presentations throughout the site. We are ready to turn your company website into a money making E-commerce solution, complete with shopping cart and payment verification functionality. Internet marketing is a combination of search engine marketing, email marketing, reciprocal link exchange, online newsletters, Blog marketing, integrative blogs, paid search engine marketing, publicity, and other internet marketing tactics like business partnership building. Media Axe strives to ensure that your website receives maximum traffic and provides you continual leads for your business.

What we offer
  • Research
  • Event Management
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Experience

Visual Media / Brand Image

Provide Multimedia Services for the development of video productions, with professional studio for recording and using the highest technology market such as HD. We offer the development of the image of your company on the Internet in a professional, safe and integrated along with a close relationship with the most used social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn among the most important. Has a team of creative professional that will help in the development of a modern corporate image, stylish and professional, and can handle the image of your company to keep in visual media such as print, video, newspaper or magazine. We also offer our customer the stationery printing service in high quality, important for the image of your company in the market. Professional service Product Photography, Architecture using equipment and techniques of high quality both in the production and post-production of the same and can be used for catalogs, billboards and other advertising pieces.

What we offer
  • Photography (all fields)
  • Video Production (all fields)
  • Design
  • Brand Visual Development
  • Visual Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Advertising

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The word on the street...

  • Media Axe’s success rate is not only known by many and recommended but; proven to lead any brand, product, sport, and event marketing teams while his strategies, plan, and execution of digital marketing campaigns has generated millions of dollars of revenue and a rapid fan following.

    Genia Stevens
  • Shane from Media Axe is a talented photographer, videographer and a pleasure to work with! He is always timely with content & media requests and helpful onsite at events, as well.

    Alesha Sands Event Publicity & Communications, X Games
  • Most well rounded media content manager/provider in the business. Their attention to detail is immaculate. It was an honor and privilege to work side by side with them on the Metal Mulisha movie “Black Friday”.

    Powerband Films
  • Couldn’t of been more happy with my business website and marketing plan. With your help I have increased my sales and walk-in rate rapidly.

    Matthew Robertson





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